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Program available in: English

Program license: Trial version

Program by: ReviverSoft

Works under:Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Password Reviver is a utility that creates passwords for users and puts them in storage, then automatically fills passwords in when necessary.

Though all of the constituents of Password Reviver can be found in other programs, this program is unique in that it handles the entire password lifecycle. It "hooks" into every common browser and can tell when you're signing up for an account. It automatically suggests passwords that are nearly impossible for attackers to guess. If you accept the suggestion, the program automatically stores that as your password and allows you to proceed.

When you come back to the same website, the program will automatically fill in the username and password you specified. This removes time wasted retrieving lost passwords. It's also a good proactive security measure to take, since password databases are often leaked. If you use the same password multiple places, chances are that someone will try a leaked password of yours on various sites to see if any still work.

Password Reviver keeps a backup of your key storage in case you experience a "ransomware" attack, or an attack where files on your PC become encrypted. You can put this on the cloud or a non-networked device. This way, you'll never lose access to all the passwords you've generated for various accounts over the years. While some browsers may have some of the features of Password Reviver built in, there's nothing like having one tool that does the whole job.


  • One of the few "all in one" tools for password management
  • Keeps a secured backup so you'll always have access
  • Very low-maintenance program


  • You're trusting a third party with passwords
  • Some functionality already exists in modern web browsers

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